Welcome!  Allow me to share some exciting past events.

My rescued Golden Retriever "Sunny" was with me for 15 years, coming to me after recovering from a bullet wound in his hip and stomach.  My partner Lesley and I have been together for  nearly as many years, living out here in sunny San Diego.  It's quite a pleasant change in weather from my home state of Minnesota, although I miss cross-country skiing and Twin Cities culture.

In case you're wondering, that's Sunny on the left. 

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the past decade.  

My partner Lesley and I are at lunch in Santa 

Fe, during its 500th birthday.  The restaurant 

itself was a "youngster," at only 200 years old!

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My son Max celebrates with Lesley and I at Jensen's 

Supper Club in Eagan, Minn--where he is head chef.