For the most part, I see myself as on

a Buddhist path.  The great thing 

about Buddhism in America is that 

there are many sanghas to choose

from in  California.  Thic Nhat 

Hanh, a   Vietnamese monk who 

has his headquarters in Plum Village 

(France), has a major monastery in 

San Diego called Deer Park, where I

have heard his dharma talks.  I attend 

a Taiwanese Temple, where we 

meditate  and listen to  dharma 

talks.  Click on the picture below 

for more information

Hsi Fang Temple is one center 

located in San Diego that

is part of a worldwide Chinese 

Buddhist community (Buddhist 

Light International Association

with headquarters in Los Angeles.

To see a photo gallery of Hsi Lai 

temple in L.A. , go here.

OK, so what's Buddhism all 

about?  Click here for a capsule 

of what  Buddhists call the 

Dharma, or patto awakening 

and enlightenment (aka Nirvana). 

For a musical interlude portraying many Buddhas from some of my 

travels, click here.

I am also a Unitarian at 

First Church in the 

Hillcrest area of San 

Diego.  My church is very

scholarly, compassionate,

activist, and inclusive. It 

also houses many 

Buddhist sanghas as well,

two of which I attend. For

more information on my 

home church and to segue

to Unitarianism in 

general, click here.

You may not be aware of the growing religious secularization going on in

our nation, where increasing numbers of people (especially young

adults) are choosing to not affiliate with any religion--or even to go to

any church.  What are the dimensions to this trend, and how are

Unitarians--who go back all the way to  Emerson and Thoreau--different

from the non-affiliated and from main-stream Protestant denominations

in the U.S.? For a Power Point presentation of a talk given by myself and

Reverend Jennifer Channin at my church dealing with these topics, go